Historical Rule-change in Amateur Shooto

Historical Rule-change in Amateur Shooto

Today Shooto Europe has been informed about a historical change in the rules for Amateur Shooto by the Japan Shooto Association. From May 2019 on Punches to the body of a grounded opponent will be permitted and declared legal. For the first time in 30 years Shooto permitts Ground and Pound in Amateur Shooto matches. This change of rules will be very interesting for all european Shooto branches, as the 18th. Open European Amateur Shooto Championships on May 18th in Reutlingen (Germany) will be the first continental Amateur Shooto Tournament with these new rules.

An official Referee Course of the Japan Shooto Association for all dedicated and interested european martial artists will be held on May 18th in the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen, before the European Championships will start. This seminar will be officially certified by the JSA.

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