Results of European Amateur Shooto Championships 2019

Last Saturday the annual Open European Amateur Shooto Championships have been hosted in Reutlingen (Germany) by Shooto Germany in the Wittumhalle. Under the guideance and presence of Rumina Sato (Japan Shooto Association), Takashi Ouchi (Japan Shooto Association), Tadashi Yokoyama (International Shooto Commission), Kazuhiro Sakamoto (Professional Shooto Japan) and Martijn de Jong (Shooto Europe) athletes from […]

“Contenders XXX” becomes an international affair

Germany’s longest running and most successfull Amateur MMA event series “SHOOTO Contenders” will celebrate its 30th edition next Saturday. And with fighters from 14 teams from Switzerland and Germany the event will become an international affair again. So far the events have gathered fighters from Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany in previous editions. “Contenders” is […]

The road to Japan 2019

For decades the most prestigious Amateur Shooto event in the world was privileged only to fighters from the Japan: the annual All Japan Shooto Championships! For sure this is the most challenging Amateur MMA event in the world, as it has been the proven breeding ground for international Superstars, as for the likes of Rumina […]